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At Spoilt Rotten we understand that good intentions in everyone are there, to raise funds for charity, but unforuntately lack of time can be our downfall. We have decided to turn the activities which we spend most of our time doing, producing baby clothing, into a way of raising money for local and world wide causes.

We will be regularly updating our social network sites so you can see which local causes and worldwide causes we give our funds too so please join us on facebook or twitter, and possibly help us raise more in other fund raising events we back.

We also have a ongoing money raising campaign and that is with the Whatever It Takes charity, please see information below:

Whatever It Takes Charity

Spoilt Rotten Fund Raising FAQ

What is Spoilt Rotten Fund Raising?

Spoilt Rotten fund raising is an easy way for buyers to support our selected charities. Buyers can shop for items knowing they're supporting a good cause.

How can I support charities on Spoilt Rotten?

You can support a charity whenever you buy an item. You can see the amount that will be going towards charity during the checkout process.

How can I support a charity I choose?

The donation amount from your sale will go to the charity currently nominated by Spoilt Rotten social media’s family. We will occasionally run clothing ranges that are for specific charities – these will be stated within the production description.

Can I make a donation without buying?

Yes, you can make a donation without buying.This will need to be done directly on the Charity’s website. Please contact us if you need any further help with this.

How does the donation get to the charity?

After you have completed the checkout process, your donation will go into the fund-raiser fund. Once the fund-raiser period has finished the total donations collected will be paid to the seller’s intended charity.

How can I be sure the donation will reach the charity?

After payment is made to the charity, a confirmation will be provided, which can be viewed by our customers.

How can I be sure the donations are collected properly?

At Spoilt Rotten we have created a system especially for the fund raising part of the website. The system tracks all donations taken from orders and also lump sum payments made to charities. It puts all these payments into a report for transparency, which can be requested to be viewed. Please get in touch if you wish to apply for view the report.

How much has Spoilt Rotten raised so far?

Below you can view our running total for the total amount of donations raised. This includes both lump sum payments and donations from sales.